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FunMovies, what is that?

FunMovies is a production company based in Austria, Europe and we only shoot with naturally horny amateurs in original settings. In the free nature or in nice locations near the forest, in private villas, in driving cars, there's no limit!

Austria is known for two famous television series; Mundy & Blues, FunMovies shoots the same! Cozy locations, nice settings, a nice local family touch which showcases the ups and downs in any modern society.

We only shoot real Austrian sexy girls, girls you can meet in the streets when walking trough Vienna. You can meet them in the supermarket or any other place. Are they really this horny? You might want to ask them!

In FunMovies all the girls are 100% real, no silicone, no fake lips, no layers and layers of make up. Just real girls doing dirty things on camera!

FunMovies - what do you offer?

We offer you a very special kind of look in the Austrian lifestyle. Real Austrian girls who love to fuck.... What can go wrong?!

The Girls!

We have nothing but real Austrian girls who just love to show of on camera. Most of our girls are first timers and they only know what's real. Nothing in our films is fake, all girls are real and pure amateur!

The Couples!

FunMovies is a platform for happy couples: You can meet your neighbors trying to act like Hollywood actors in a bizarre move!

The Lesbians!

If we have a lesbian scene we have it because our girls really love to fuck each other wild with big rubber dildos, latex, leather or any other objects that turns them on! No fakes, real girls who just can't resist some wet pussy.

The Mistresses!

Relentless mistresses in boots mistreat slaves and maids with all kinds of whips and other objects. Our slaves love being a slave and they just love being treated like pigs! Beautiful girls hanging in chains while they're getting punished because they want to! Gagged men love having their mistress ride their faces while a dildo is strapped to their mouth. Their dripping pussy is centimeters away from you but still so so far away!

The Bizarre!

It's unbelievable what some people prefer in their sex life. Check out what we have to offer at FunMovies and you'll never be disapointed again!

The Movies!

FunMovies should be fun! This includes a course of action in the movies, not only by the old motto: "Representative comes to a housewife, opens the suitcase and lets get ready to fuck".

In FunMovies You can see a BLIND DATE first hand. From the first meeting in a bar to the first fuck in a nearby hotel or that time when the car broke down and the orgy started with the mechanics in the workshop.

Another time, you can witness the events at a Vienna Florist. During intimate contact between a customer and the geranium flowers a guy hijacks the store, takes the girl hostage, robs the place and gets crazy with the customers!

Whores in Vienna getting fucked across the tables and Sex & the Commissioner of FunMovies also solves the most difficult cases.

What happens in public housing? Sodom & Gomorrah - overheard by FunMovies with a running camera with the original sound.

The Series!

The above-mentioned movies are available in series as well: One DVD is even better than the other: "FunGirls" Always new girls - unused & beautiful!

Besides that, there are series with a movie based character: In the good old tradition of Austrian television shows, we show you the girls of the "family Brunzbichler" like any normal day in an Austrian family runs!