HIGHCLASSEDITION - Supergirls 3 SCENES | Release date: August 1, 2017

Description:Four of our "Supergirls" for the first time in a film! If you like doctor´s games, you will be absolutely thrilled by Larissa Gold and Barbie Buster as nurses, in the much too tight outfit they "first" mutually "mutilate" each other and afterwards the doctors and patients present are provided all around. The gyno chair is perfect for this ... Sarah Dark with the endlessly long legs and the sweet breasts makes itself first in the bathroom so horny horny and surprised her partner, who rewards their effort with his hard cock and a huge load of sperm ... As a "innocence of the land", the flower-plucked Ginissima comes to the hand, as she surprised a burglar. When he sees her outstretched out of the short dirndl, he can no longer hold and takes himself - on the spot in the garden - just what he wants! (Ginissima, who had to be content with several dildos while driving in the car enjoys the stormy fuck ...)

Featuring: Larissa Gold, Barbie Buster, Sarah Dark