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Wiener Dominas - The cleaning boy Released: 18/10/2017

Scene from the Movie: Wiener Dominas

Description: Larissa rests bored in the armchair & orders a cleaning stallion - & what comes in? A cleaning boy! Larissa is baffled and decides to give him a cleaning but only after she has turned him into the schoolgirl! He gets a ridiculously yellow wig and is painted by Larissa. In this humiliating disguise, the cleaning boy goes to work, until Larissa can no longer hold her own, and is interested in the half-stiff dangling cock under his skirt. Larissa rewards the cleaning boy in her own way: he's on all fours crouching and he has to bear her strokes with her whip on his bare ass! After he has licked her purse, he is positioned with a leg spreader and long & violently fucked with a big strap-on dildo in his ass, while the mistress graciously jerks his cock from behind. Larissa does not let her cock girl cum. First he has to lick her wet cunt to multiple orgasms, then only can he spray his full load over the bare leather boots of his mistress.

Starring: Larissa Gold